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The Latest Fashion For Teenagers

the latest fashion for teenagers

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  • The Latest Fashion is the second studio album from Welsh alternative rock band Attack! Attack!. The album is due to be released on 27 September 2010 and will feature the single Not Afraid. The band released the track No Excuses as a free download from the Hassle records website.

  • (teenager) adolescent: a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity

  • (teenage) adolescent: being of the age 13 through 19; "teenage mothers"; "the teen years"

  • A person aged from 13 to 19 years

  • Adolescence Macmillan Dictionary for Students Macmillan, Pan Ltd. (1981), page 14, 456. Retrieved 2010-7-15.

Does Anyone Really Know Johnnie?

Does Anyone Really Know Johnnie?

The woman behind the glasses? Do you know her? Do you think you know her? Does it matter if you can prove who she is? In the fashion world you really don't know anyone. We are what we make ourselves to be within our work. We are consumed in what we create. The real fashion belongs to the those who are like Johnnie. To have greatness in your dream and your creations you have to have the courage to understand your client's wants. You have to walk in their world, on their turf, in their timeframe. This is what will separate those 'born of the street' from the corporate fashion houses run by Wall Street types. We wouldn't trust them with our banks why on Earth would we trust them with our fashion. To all those who love fashion, have the courage to design what you want to. Make sure to involve your "end client" by simply understanding their lifestyle. Don't be afraid to be different. Its liberating once you have a belief in yourself and your abilities. Last of all, don't do it for the wealth, that will come if you build your company the right way. Do it for your name, your family name and for pride in your work because really, you are the future of fashion. Take a look at the clothing brand Jack Wills who is secretive and spends no money on old economy advertising. Profit of ?17.4 million on sales of ?92 million pound sterling. Again no main stream advertising, not one penny. The reason they are successful? They created a tribe of loyal teenagers. They are a secretive company who connects via social networks with a niche market. They tapped into the allure of the British Privileged as a selling point. 44 stores in the UK, all are profitable and packed after school and on weekends. If you are a young designer take a look at this brand and see how their strategy can work for you. Most likely you have never heard of them or their founder Peter Williams.

Many years later I know understand why I was Johnnie. It worked for me. I loved to be secretive as to the ownership of the company. It set me free from my role as Christina Saint Marche and allowed me to get into a "tribe." Creativity is a cornerstone to any business. Be Bold! Be Creative!
Take calculated risks! Most of all, have fun. Never allow anyone to challenge your Dreams.

Passion for fashion

Passion for fashion

Oh hey Flicksters,
I'm back from Mexico! It was an amazing trip and I captured some pretty neat shots. From now on all my pictures will feel like SUMMER. I might not describe some (cause i'm super lazy), but some of them I will. I have over 250 pictures to edit. They all won't be on here, but in my scrapbook! My boyfriends sister bought me a really nice scrapbook for Christmas. She told me to fill it up with memories of the trip! I'm so excited to get started on it.

This picture was taken in a little resturant. I honestly have never had so many pina colatas in my entire life. My dad bought me those Ray Bans. They're my new favorite possesion.

I'm going to try and keep editing,
Talk to you later guys


the latest fashion for teenagers

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